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Hiya, I’m Lena. I live in London with my partner (called Max on the blog) and about 30 little fish, plus a family of squirrels in the garden. I’m not a vegetarian, but I quit eating meat over 10 years ago (I can’t say no to a good fish or seafood meal, but that’s a topic for another blog one day…). Why? Hard to say, really. Without doubt, I don’t recall any of my guests complaining about getting a meat-free meal.

I find cooking really relaxing and satisfying. It’s just me, good music and a new recipe. Or it’s me and my partner talking through the latest issues whilst cooking. Or, in another version, it’s me, my good friend, glass of red wine plus some gossip and loads of laughter. Good fun.

Apart from cooking I love reading about cooking and looking for new recipes. As a result I have so far gathered a small collection of various vegetarian cookbooks. All read-and-read-again with post-it notes sticking out of them bookmarking my favourite recipes, or those that I’m still to explore. So, why not put all those recipes that I’ve already tried in one place .

The main idea behind this blog was to keep my favourite recipes all in one place and also share them with my family, friends and all those who like to explore new, but tested veggie recipes. If I was asked to describe my recipes and my cooking in three words I would say: fun, simplicity and experiment.

My way to healthy, joyful food?

– Be natural and cook natural. Use as little processed foods as possible.
– Choose seasonal fruit and veg whenever you can. Nothing tastes better than fresh strawberries and cream in June or pumpkin soup in October.
– Experiment and try out new things. And don’t worry if you haven’t got one of the ingredients for a recipe. You can always replace dried cranberries with raisins, one veg with another. I’m sure your intuition won’t let you down.
– Enjoy life, enjoy cooking. Every single moment of it.
– Break the rules (sometimes).

Ready to explore some delicious recipes? Enjoy!
Lena x

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