Christmas is (almost) here! It certainly feels much closer as of today, as we’ve decorated our house with Christmas ornaments, cheerful garlands and festive lights. We have put up our Christmas tree, all silvery-white this year, calling for white Christmas, with one red heart in the middle, warming up the air. And a few scented candles around the house warm up the atmosphere even further in the evenings. Hmmm, what a difference it has made. Festive season is officially on!

And in the festive spirit, I decided to prepare something indulgent for the weekend. Looking for inspirations for sugar-free desserts, I came across this recipe from

Me being me, I’ve made some changes, adjustments and tweaks. The result was simply lip-smacking.


125g butter
100g coconut oil
Pinch of sea salt, to taste
200g raspberries, fresh or frozen
5 tbsp raw cacao powder or cocoa
4 tbsp xylitol
40g coconut flakes (or desiccated coconut)


Line a serving plate with baking paper. You can use a round plate, or a specific shape of your choice (I made one classic, round version and one on a Christmas tree shaped serving plate, to give it a more festive look).

Place the berries on the plate (no need to defrost frozen raspberries if using) and sprinkle with most of the coconut (leaving some aside for decorating).

In a small saucepan, over low heat, melt the cocoa oil and the butter. Once melted, add the salt, cacao powder or cocoa and xylitol and mix well until all the ingredients are melted and well combined.

Pour the chocolate mixture over the raspberries and coconut and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes until firm.

Take out from the freezer, sprinkle with remaining coconut flakes and cut or break into pieces.

You might get a thin white layer of coconut oil separating on top of the bark. It doesn’t affect the taste, but if you want a consistent dark chocolate look, simply wait for a few minutes after taking out the bark from the freezer and using a teaspoon scratch the surface to remove the white layer of coconut oil. This is what I did with the bark you can see on the photos.

Store in the fridge.

Bon appétit!
Lena x

Dark chocolate raspberry bark (sugar-free)
Dark chocolate raspberry bark (sugar-free)

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